Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Kahen on Unsplash
  1. Will remote work become more commonplace now that we have started growing accustomed to it?
  2. Will design and architectural firms like Gensler rethink square feet per occupant allocation?
  3. How will hotels and resorts leverage smart technology, like the Control4 Hospitality Suite) to reduce the spread of germs in guest suites, and better protect staff members?
  4. Should property management firms, like Greystar, design common spaces with social distancing in mind?
  5. Will multi-site commercial building owners & operators re-prioritize heating & cooling (HVAC) initiatives with affordable building automation systems, like 75F, to increase operational efficiency & improve the occupant experience.

What’s your Counter COVID-19 Dominance Plan?



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Earnest J. Morgan

Earnest J. Morgan

Construction & Built Environment Technologist, Husband, Advisor www.earnestmorgan.me