Visual Merchandising: A Pro Channel Distributors Silent Salesperson

Let’s start by defining visual merchandising.

  • A customer journey map expressing how the brand should be experienced from the windows to checkout. This will set the stage for all other elements of impact for the customer.
  • A floor map that creates a merchandise hierarchy and zoning for merchandise placement.
  • Window displays that communicate current styles, content, and price messaging. They are often used to entice customers into the store.
  • Tables, vitrines, hanging floor and wall fixtures for presenting merchandising to create a customer experience with interest, density and display.
  • While the checkout experience might not seem like a visual merchandising tool, it’s the last place on contact with the customer before they leave the store. It should be just as impactful and engaging as the windows.



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Earnest J. Morgan

Earnest J. Morgan

Construction & Built Environment Technologist, Husband, Advisor